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Time to Align

Welcome to DiDomenico Chiropractic, where our foremost priority is to facilitate healing in a caring, thoughtful and systematic manner, within a friendly and professional environment. We utilize a common sense approach in arriving at your diagnosis, including educating you about your condition and providing you with practical advice and customized care. Our goal is an individualized treatment plan that aligns your specific condition and needs with your overall lifestyle and goals.

Experienced + Trusted

Dr. Robert DiDomenico

Dr. DiDomenico is proud of his pioneering leadership and outreach within the Chicago medical community to create awareness of chiropractic care and its healing benefits. He established an early affiliation with Presence Health (formerly Resurrection Health) . . . and many primary care physicians trust him with their referred patients. As a result, literally thousands of Chicagoans have experienced the restorative benefits of his practitioner skills and expertise.

For Dr. DiDomenico, chiropractic care is a personal passion that started with a family member’s groundbreaking practice — and has grown to include an extended family of patients who have benefited from his personal, hands-on, interactive approach to holistic healing.